SD Values & Operating Principles

Safety - Safety has the highest priority in all we do

  • We are committed to a proactive safety culture that is reflected in our behavior, attitude, and daily work
  • We insist on the highest standards of safety in our laboratories, operations and service to customers
  • We promote the health and safety of our employees and community

Quality - We commit to the highest quality without compromise

  • The continued success of Scientific Design requires commitment to quality by management and employees
  • We maintain an active quality system and seek opportunities for continuous improvement

Teamwork - We collaborate as one company to achieve success

  • Teamwork is fostered through collaboration, accountability and well defined work and responsibility
  • We bring the right people together to achieve our goals

Innovation - We create market leading products and services

  • SD will maintain a competitive place in the market through innovation
  • SD promotes the free flow of ideas and information, rewarding employees who embrace and contribute to innovation
  • We advance our knowledge base through career development, utilizing traditional and alternative approaches and seeking challenging assignments

Customer Focus - We exceed customers’ expectations.

  • We develop lasting relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, measuring how we are doing and continually improving our products and services
  • We want customers to think of SD as their sole source for catalyst and engineering solutions

Respect - We succeed in an open and diverse environment

  • SD creates an environment ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect
  • We support a culture of active listening, constructive feedback and trust
  • Employees are empowered with the resources and authority to achieve results

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