SynDox® Ethylene Oxide Catalysts

Scientific Design’s SynDox® ethylene oxide catalysts offer the highest performance available to help you meet your operating targets and maximize profitability.

  • Highest Selectivities: In 2008 we introduced our high selectivity catalysts. The catalysts increase the selectivity toward the desired reaction, partial oxidation of ethylene to EO, significantly improving operating profitability.
  • Catalyst Selection: We offer catalysts for the broad spectrum of process technologies built and revamped over the last 50 years. These EO/EG plants range from early hot oil reactors to today’s world-scale plants with boiling water reactors and varying designs and operating conditions. Our catalysts have demonstrated superior performance in plants licensed by both Scientific Design and others.
  • Optimized Operations: Our world-class Technical Services team ensures that performance goals are achieved by advising on the change-out, loading, and operational optimization throughout the life of the catalyst.

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