Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycols

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Scientific Design's Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) technology provides the safest and most efficient means for producing high purity EO and/or fiber-grade monoethylene glycol (MEG). These products are used in many important derivative processes (several licensed by Scientific Design) to make a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods such as polyester fibers, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, and antifreeze. In addition to superior product quality, Scientific Design's EO/EG technology in combination with its high performance SynDox® Catalysts offers:

  • Safe operation as proven by Scientific Design’s unparalleled safety record for plants designed to handle hazardous hydrocarbon/oxygen reaction mixtures and purified EO;
  • Proven performance of more than 100 EO/EG plants worldwide including some of the world’s largest single reaction trains;
  • Low capital and operating costs as a result of highly integrated designs and economies of scale.

Process Description: Ethylene and oxygen are combined to produce EO in a multi-tubular catalytic reactor. The highly exothermic reaction is carefully controlled with proprietary and effective safety systems developed by Scientific Design. EO produced in the reactor can be separated to high quality purified EO and/or further processed to produce fiber-grade monoethylene glycol (MEG) aswell as di- and triethylene glycols (DEG, TEG).

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